What is the procedure to follow for activating this gift card?

1. Go to https://www.emma-chloe.com/pages/active-gift-card

2. Select the subscription length of your gift card.

3. Choose your jewelry preferences and add the subscription gift plan to your cart.

4. Enter the gift card activation code by clicking on “Apply Gift Card” in the Billing and Payment section. Please note: a gift card is not the same as a promo code, therefore you cannot enter your gift card in the Promotional Code section. You will be asked to enter your credit card information even if your purchase amount is $0 but rest assured, our Subscription Gift Plans are not auto-renewing and will end automatically after you have received all the boxes for the gift subscription.

If I activate my gift card today, which box will I receive?

The first box that you receive will always be the box of the month during which the gift card was activated. If you wish to receive the box for the following month, you should activate your gift card during that month.

For example, if you activate your card on August 31, 2022, the first box you'll receive will be the August box. If you wish to receive the September Box as your first box, you must activate your card during the month of September.

My gift card code is not working. What should I do?

What if you entered your gift card code following the instructions sent to you by email and your card is refused? Check to ensure that you entered the gift card code by clicking on the “Apply Gift Card” in the Billing and Payment section and not the “Promotional Code” section.

If the problem persists,contact our customer service department and include a screenshot of your cart and the error message displayed. A member of our team will ensure that you receive a response as quickly as possible.

How long is the gift card valid?

The recipient of the gift card has one year from the date of purchase to activate it. If the card is not activated within the one-year limit, it will, unfortunately, be no longer valid and our team will be unable to extend the validity period.




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