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Our iconic Boxes come with your all-time favorites! In silver or gold, our iconic jewelry is comprised of our most timeless pieces! Rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles or chain bracelets, you'll love to wear them everywhere! With your monthly Box subscription, you'll discover new designer jewelry each month, creating a whole collection of unique combinations!

Not sure how to combine our iconic pieces?

To make your life easier, all of our designer jewelry complement each other perfectly! They're made to mix and match, creating the most beautiful combinations! Don't be afraid to be bold: mix gold and silver, fine and statement jewelry, stone-encrusted and not, round and geometric shapes... Have fun! Make new combinations with the pieces you receive each month, to wear on a daily basis or saved for special occasions!

Why go for our iconic jewelry Boxes?

As designers, we carefully select an exclusive piece of jewelry from our collections for you every month. We want it to become your new favorite, your lucky charm, a precious piece you'll never forget...